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>> July 03, 2012

::Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none.::

been a while.

so the other day i was listening to playing the song "all cried out." quite a hit when i was in form 2-5 (haha forgive the big range, i'm getting olllldder). biasa la zaman tu mana ada internet utk rakyat biasa, so whatever things you know, you got it from magazines or papers or tv shows, or from somebody else who got it from magazines or papers or tv shows.

and biasa la zaman dgr radio ramai2 kat dorm or study lounge, when it was too quiet for comfort, we would start talking about the song, or the mood that relates to the song. aku selalu ada masalah ni, bila senyap sangat jadi uncomfortable. tapi nak jadi topic starter mmg susah la, sbb x byk pun topik yg aku tau hehe. i remember when we were all listening to boysiimen's song "Mama", suddenly we started talking about homesickness. haha tapi lepas tu jadi lagi senyap sbb sume org tgh layan perasaan. but... i digress.

ok back to the song all cried out. as usual we talked about the song. ada org tanya eh sapa nyanyi ni, then ada org jawab group allure. then ada org lain mencelah ni all-girls group, then ada org kata eh tapi dalam lagu tu ada mcm suara laki, then ada org jawab tulah tapi ni sume pompuan, then ada org komen waa suara macam laki. (i was one of the 'org's mentioned, don't remember which one though).

tadi mcm baru terfikir nak tgk vclip lagu nih. guess what: the song was not entirely sung by allure, but it also featured 112, a boyband! ceh tertipu... yg part suara laki tu mmg laki betul laaa. iye2 je bertahun2 aku percaya yg suara mcm laki tu sebenarnya pompuan jugak.

err so... ignorant or gullible?

sebenarnya still x percaya yg aku x pernah tau pasal ni. ke aku tau tapi i wasn't able to put 2 and 2 together, i.e. lembab?

not a big issue really. but it makes me wonder, what kind of person i am. haha i think i should put some meaningful sentences between "big issue" and "kind of person" to get my point across, but i seriously don't know how to elaborate it any further. tah, maybe i need to learn on when to trust everything that's been said, or when to search for additional info / truth on what's being said.

ok chiow.

p/s husband irma hasmie sgt hensem! lol


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