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>> June 24, 2010

::If this business were split up, I would give you the land and bricks and mortar, and I would take the brands and trade marks, and I would fare better than you.::

aaaaaaa cepatlaaaa

i cannot bear this torture anymore
yet i'm not ready for the showdown
end this! but don't end this!
my mind is torn~

my eyes! my eyes!
redness is all i can see
squint is all i can do
what to do? been starin' too long at the pc

never thought time flew by so quickly
gone were the 'i'll do better next sem, i promise i'll be''
would i ever go through it again? sorry
full time maybe, but no more 'weekends only'
time for vuvuzela, no wait, jabulani

ah crap.

baru teringat ada lagi satu assignment.

ok chiow.

and seriously, wish me luck.


some have it easy

>> June 07, 2010

::Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.::

katakanlah di suatu petang aku mahu pulang ke rumah. tunggu punya tunggu, komuter pun sampai. masuk ke ladies' coach, tgk byk lagi seat kosong.

satu row dia punya susunan mcm nih:

O_ _ O (O menandakan ada makcik)

i'd have to be a moron to not choose a seat. 45 mins tu nak balik, sengal la kan nak diri the whole way. the issue: seat yg mana?

mmg senang la kalau susunan yg ada mcm nih:

O _ _ _ O

obviously i'd choose the middle one. tapi kalau mcm yg atas tu, aku kena fikir nak duduk sebelah makcik yg mana satu. antara yg difikirkan:

-makcik yg mana yg busybody?
-makcik yg mana yg xkan terfikir apa2 kalau aku duduk sebelah the other makcik?
-makcik yg mana yg x go beyond the seat limit?
-makcik yg mana yg x kisah kalau aku terlentok kalau tido?
-aku selalu kalau tido, kepala lentok belah mana?

and you have to decide ASAP, kalau x mcm x betul je stare kat seats lama2 tapi x duduk2 jugak. silap2 org lain yg penuhkan sume heheh.

i'm not born great, and i don't have greatness thrust upon me. i'm just lucky to be alive.

ok chiow.


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