argh make it stop

>> August 26, 2009

i need a smack in the head.

i can't stop bloghopping. lucky i know nothing of twitter, or i would be bloghopping AND twitterflitting. scary.

why la sume org letak link kat blog diorg? x pasal2 aku nampak mcm nama familar, terus klik. mcm best lak tuh (best: byk benda ditulis / nice layout). nasib baik aku bukan jenis shopaholic / daddy's rich kid / bride-to-be, who always feel the urge to outdo everybody else. and what better or faster way to do it than bloghopping? hehe.

i still suck at deciding what's best for me. and this addiction i have, shouldn't even be on my 'best' list.

tgk, cara tulis pun dah mcm blog2 yg aku baru jenguk tadi.

sakit tekak masa puasa adalah sangat tidak selesa. i might've been allergic to sth.

ok chiow.



>> August 25, 2009

it's Ramadhan, and i haven't tasted any kuih raya... yet.

confused? well obviously you're not a female in malaysia. for kuih raya is everywhere precisely before Ramadhan. even as early as nisfu Syaaban.

still in the dark? well maybe you are a loner, never have had the pleasure of interacting with other ppl whom you call 'colleagues' / '-mates'.

plus some other possibilities.

ramai je jual kuih raya, bg email ajak jemput rasa sume, tapi sume x sempat nak rasa (3-prose poem?). busy kot...

or should i blame this to my misplaced or probably lost excitement in enjoying Ramadhan as i have done effortlessly before? or is it due to the fact that not many share the same uplifting thoughts when it comes to Ramadhan (and increasingly so)? or, as usual, does it have something to do with the prospect of getting old?

if the latter's true, then i can see a bleak future ahead.

sometimes i do wonder if i am better off being a recluse.

anyhoo, seriously impressed by blog owners who manage to blog hop their whole day, and still being satisfied with themselves. i don't, hehe. tiba2 terdpt penyakit nak visit all of friends' blogs, friends of friends' blogs (2nd degree?)... and didn't have the guts to venture beyond. depressing aa gak tgk (read) interesting stories they wrote, not to mention over the top (hello, how much problem can a teenager have? drama queens). and most of all, apsal sume english sedap je? ke tahap pemahaman aku yg lemah? ke nampak hebat sbb balik2 cite pasal boyfriend/girlfriend yg kejap nak kejap x ndak, so balik2 boleh improvise on the group of vocabs you can associate the topic with? erk aku ni puji ke kondem nih?

aku pernah dgr gak yg org saja reka cite dlm blog as to attract visitors. lame. if you don't have anything to tell, then don't. lies won't get you anywhere decent. somewhere yes, but not anywhere decent. and, who cares about visitors? most of the visitors are there probably to ask you to visit their blogs anyways. or maybe buy sth from them. heh, alasan utk org yg dpt x sampai 20 pun sehari. well, like i care. err not that i'm gonna berate at those who do. kalau xde org nak baca xde la aku tulis.

utk menyedapkan hati sendiri: you are not what you write. not 100% at least.

and ramadhan may remind you of the sad things that have happened, but it's not an excuse to not treat ramadhan as a special month. we are muslims, after all.

p/s: ramadhan mubarak.. sama2lah kita memanfaatkannya.


baby genius

>> August 21, 2009

"i want my mama! i want my mama!"
"kid, i AM ur mama."

nazreen has learned a new word, and the right time to say it. the B word. no, not bi4tch, but b4b1 (apa kena aku hari ni, eja mcm konon cute haha).

dia akan sebut bila dia kena tegur / marah / sound bila buat perkara2 yg x sepatutnya. aku pun dah pernah kena. terkejut okay dgr budak kecik yg nak ckp pun payah tapi tiba2 boleh sebut the B word crystally clear. time biasa2 xde pulak sebut (well, not that we coerce/coax him to do so just to prove this point...) as usual, timbul pulak isu sapa yg sebut depan dia. no, not me sirree. i admit i do menyumpah seranah org, but using other B words. boleh pulak ada org salahkan bibik aku yg dah selamat agaknya goyang kaki mcm org kaya kat kampungnya di indon nun.

anyway, our mission is to discourage him fr using the word. agak susah la kan, considering rtm still refers to A(h1n1) (which puzzles me, why the parentheses? it's not like they'll be pronounced anyway) as 'selesema babi', whereas they're actually 2 different viruses.

it kinda worked, sorta. mak aku cite agaknya sbb selalu kena sound (nakal ooi budak nazreen ni, aku seriously kesian kat kucing2 yg dibuli olehnya), haritu masa dia kena marah, dia sebut, "bibaa..bibibababaa.." anak sapolah ni. semlm dah pendek siket, 'biba' je. quite a clever way to provoke someone hehe.

pastu dia buat lagi. masa mama dia ada semlm, dia ckp lagi babi. kena bebel la dgn mama dia lepas tu, "kalau ckp lagi mama #@$ mulut tuh." boleh lak dgn muka innocentnya, "biba?" "biba pun x boleh!" pastu buat muka confused. aaa rasa nak tepuk2 je pipi dia tu.

it doesn't end there. semlm apahal tah angin dia, x nak salam sapa2. buat dek je bila suh salam. last2 bapak aku pun xpela, x nak salam xpe. bila dah kat pintu depan, sekali lagi kakak ipar aku suh nazreen salam, "gi la amin wan.. x baik aa ayin nih." dgn selambanya, hulur tangan kat kucing aku yg masa tu duk dekat2 pintu jugak. siap ada mmmuuah lagi. hampehh. early signs of sarcastic nature perhaps?

to nazreen, pls make use your innate wit, sarcasm, wisdom and anything in-between wisely.

ok chiow.



>> August 19, 2009

::Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none.::

everybody is (pretending to be) busy at their desks. it was a relatively quiet morning, with half of the staffs out of office, laughing their @$$ off at others who faithfully seated on their chairs, pretending to be busy. lindsay monroe felt like going to the ladies, when she noticed some strange splat on the floor. a not-so-faint browny splat. near her sturdy red leather chair.

lindsay monroe: what the hell is this?

stella bonasera: what, what what?

lindsay M: hey, you got some near yours, too!

stella B: where the hell did this come from? oh look, there's some near catherine's chair too!

catherine willows: huh? wait, how'd it end up here? see if there's some near somebody elses' chair.

stella B: but the stain at yours is quite different, catherine. ours are more like a drop, with no gravitational direction, but yours is like a dripping trail of stain. it has directionality.

lindsay M: hey, there's some near calleigh duquesne's seat too. and at natalie boa vista's too.

calleigh D & natalie BV: hey what's the fuss yo?

all talking at once.

detective conan: hmm... a mystery. based on the dryness of these stains, they may have been here since 7:45am.

lindsay M: no lah. i'm sure they're not here when i came. around 8 i think.

stella B: whoa a mystery. let's recall: who else were here?

catherine W: the cleaning lady was here just now. she was mopping the floor.

calleigh D: so she's the culprit? maybe she accidentally touched the wheels of our chairs with her mop, which transferred the floor detergent to the wheels, which in time would be pulled down to the floor by the gravity?

stella B: hmm.. but riley adams' floor space doesn't have any stains on it. if your theory were true, the mop should leave a mark on her place as well, whether she's there to move the chair around or not.

lindsay M: yeah, that's true. also, if the stains were originated from the wheels, then the stain would produce a drag line, instead of a drop like that. and i'm sure it wasn't there right after the cleaning lady cleaned my place.

natalie BV: and if it's truly the floor cleaner, wouldn't it be gross, to know that the browny liquid is used to clean the floor all this time?

all: ewww..

det. conan: the plot thickens... hmm... this what makes life interesting.

catherine W: maybe it happened when the cleaning lady took out our garbage from our dustbins. like when she moved fr a spot to another, she must've put her big wastebag on the floor in order to transfer the garbage from our dustbin to her wastebag.

stella B: yeah... and that's why there's no stain on riley A's floor, coz she's not around, so... no garbage!

lindsay M: case solved.. yeay! ok back to work.

calleigh: luckily we don't have to call pathologist in or to do an inquest regarding the stain.

-adapted from a true story-


the storm is coming

>> August 14, 2009

somehow i can feel that sth bad is going to happen. some big thunderous storm that will change the future path.

i'm not worried about me; i know i can handle it, come what may. what i'm worried about most is others. or is it my role in helping the others? dunno.

and worst of all, i'm beginning to think that i am responsible for it. that i could've done sth to change it. to prevent it.

guilt, don't reside in me.


akukah yg terlewat

>> August 03, 2009

::The multitude of books is making us ignorant.::

there's a few that i know wrote about / answered to the tag about books you've read / you can recall within 10 mins. i was voluntarily compelled to write one as well (hey they said you're free to tag yourself hehe), tapi disbbkan aku rasa bila aku baca org lain punya pun aku dah leh imagine what books i would put in the list, so it's not really within 10 mins of writing/recalling, which to me, would be cheating.

cthnya aku rasa kalau aku buat tag tu, aku akan letak books by judith mcnaught (you won't believe berapa byk her books bersepah kat dorm n kelas dulu). the thing is the 1st time i planned to do it, i didn't remember the titles and even the author's name. bila tgk kirah punya baru teringat. so it's not sth that i remembered all the time la kan. haha i don't even know what sticks in my mind at all times.

anyway satu buku yg aku confirm akan letak in the list is 'the lovely bones'. i remember it because at that time it's been #1 NYTimes best selling like, a year. so aku pun beli dgn harapan cerita dia best. tapi erm mcm x je, ke aku yg heartless. sekali hari ni kat yahoonews ada mention peter jackson is going to make the lovely bones the movie! ceh, now i (may) look like an opportunist. tumpang glamer buku yg bakal jadi movie, by peter jackson no less.

kesimpulannya: aku x boleh nak buat tag tu.

ok chiow.


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