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>> April 28, 2009

::I have such envy for the stranger lying next to me
Who awakes in the night and slips out into the pre-dawn light::

A: sapa nama tadi?
B: alesa.
A: alesa alaisha?
B: (gulp) ha'ah.
A: ooo... ini la alesa alaisha eh.
B: (gulp) kenapa dgn alesa alaisha?
A: (drifts off to another topic)

lagi satu:
C: eh jom amik gambar sama2.
D: ok jom.
*snap snap*
C: okeh, nak amik gambar dgn alesa gak ah.
B: mariii.
D: nak amik gambar dgn alesa alaisha jugakk. nanti kita amik gambar sama2 eh alesa alaisha...
B: (dlm hati) uik who's this? mcm baru je nampak muka dia ni hari ni. siap tau nama penuh aku ni...

it's unsettling that ppl know you when you don't even know them. it makes you wonder, what kind of reputation precedes you? or worse, which precedes you; the reputation or the name itself?

haritu ada sekali, sorg minah tu tgk je nama aku, terus tanya, "ada keturunan india / pakistan ke?" aku rasa mcm this is the 1st time someone deduced that fr my name, instead of fr my eyebrow(s) heheh. x kisah la kan. it's not like i can change anything. and even if i can, i don't wanna.

tadi aku rasa mcm nak tulis sth else, tapi tiba2 dtg lak arahan kena buat report. terus buntu. some other time then.

ok chiow.


don't idle

>> April 27, 2009

i want my groove back!

and by groove, i mean free access, free time, and no postponed work.

wonder when will i get it. dulu masa byk masa komplen... ha amik ko.

ok chiow.


pengalaman mengerjakan umrah (sneak peek)

>> April 17, 2009

26/3 - 7/4 yg lepas, alhamdulillah aku berkesempatan mengerjakan umrah bersama mak dgn makcikku under andalusia travel. truly a very fine experience, despite minor hiccups here and there. here's a few interesting pics, and if i have the time i'll continue about the journey and whatnot.

flight attendants of gulf air, bahrain's airlines. tutup atas, bukak bawah, heheh. itu pun bila dlm kapal terbang yg atas pun dah x tertutup dah. reminds me of a certain makcik yg adik aku n aku nampak kat manetah, pakai tudung tapi pakai spaghetti strap. the world is coming to an end...

in front of masjid an-nabawi, madinah. seriously besar masjid ni. being the ignorant me, i had no idea how the masjid looked as a whole. not until we went to muzium 2 masjid at mekah, where they have the miniature scale of the masjid.

notice the price of fuel per litre. diesel la tapi, tapi selalunya x byk beza kan dgn petrol. no wonder there's no bus in mekah and madinah (other than tourist bus). i read somewhere that an ordinary IT exec could own a hummer.

bitza. 5 riyal = RM5. i didn't feel out-of-place compared to when i was in japan, partly because most of the sellers there know how to speak bahasa melayu. well, that's probably because they aren't arabs. kebykan dr pakistan, bangladesh, n even myanmar. and of course, partly because we don't look so much different, heh. sume tutup je. terpikir jugak, yg tutup sampai nampak mata je ni tutup sbb itu yg dituntut ke, sbb habuk?

the majestic masjidilharam at night. words cannot express how i felt everytime i was there. despite all the habuk from nearby constructions (even masjidilharam tu pun ada certain parts are under renovation) and the amount of ppl there, you won't feel like you're choking or restless or burdened or any -ve feeling that have been surrounding you all this time. heh, i dont even know if i should describe it as that. just be there yourself.

nazreen pakai baju arab. ee cumil rasa nak tampo2. kitorg belikan jugak kain serban a la yasser arafat, tapi x sempat nak kasi pakai elok2 dah tarik dah. rimas kot.

ok chiow.


tokyo trip (part III)

>> April 14, 2009

okay, i know kalau nak disamakan dengan nasi yg x dimakan, ni dah tahap nasi sume dah direplace dgn ulat sampah dah ni. but somehow i don't feel like i should just let this 'story' ends without a proper finale. then again, i don't have enough time to give it a fine one. so, here goes:

on sunday, we went to yushima tenjin aka yushima shrine to view the ume hanami, or plum blossom. not quite sakura, but still flowers are flowers, heh. byk benda baru aku tgk masa kat sana, tapi tulah, x tau nak tanya sapa. no idea what are those wooden plaques for, or was there a wedding at the shrine that time (upper right corner pic).

after that we went to tokyo anime center. ingatkan besar la tpt tu, rupa2nya kecik je. x byk benda sgt pun, tapi ada la one piece, naruto, neon genesis collectibles. quite expensive i might say, n aku x tgk pun anime2 tu, so x beli apa pun. ada gak aa dia tunjuk promo new animes, doraemon original storyboards, tapi no english explanations (yet, they're planning to add the desc in english soon), so tgk je la.

on monday, my training group were brought to sumitomo electric industries, yokohama (referred to as yokohama works). it's a fibre optic making company, n dpt la tgk mcm mana diorg buat optic cable. tapi err bg aku xde la best sgt, most probably because fiber optic is not my forte (as if i have one hehe), and in the industry where smaller is better, there's not much things that you can go, "wuiyoo!". sume pakai microskop je, heh. totally not my stuff. so obviously aku jeles bila budak2 automotive dpt gi toyota megaweb, odaiba. cis3.

tuesday, closing ceremony. biasa la kena bg pendapat, ucapan, etc. pagi rabu diramalkan ada 5-inch snowfall, so dah set nak gi airport sejam awal. tapi xde pun (selasa mlm tu snow lagi uu yeah).

haha aku dah x ingat sgt la apa feeling dpt gi jepun sume, tapi quite an experience la. biasa la dpt rasa weather kat tpt lain, all the cultural confusion, so mmg best la. and could be a good icebreaker as well, heheh.

with that, i thank you.


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