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>> April 11, 2010

::No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be. . ..::

still alive and kicking. although i've been more alive than kicking. heck i don't even remember when was the last time i lift my foot for purposes other than the usual (walking, amik wudhu', nak tido, etc.) hmm and i'm pretty sure by alive, i mean still breathing. lively? err...

oh life's hectic, i tell you. it's just that i can't really give the reason for that. mcm busy doing nothing. erk tapi mcm terlalu drastik la pulak kan. sebenarnya aku rasa aku busy buat benda yg sepatutnya boleh settle at one go. mcm main cawan besar kat theme park la lebih kurang. ko semangat nak pusingkan steering nak kasi cawan tu pusing laju2, tapi all that it could do is rotates faster. and ko sendiri akan rasa pening nak muntah.

i seriously could not understand why people who already know what they want would wait for others to voice out their opinions first, than after all that effort these ppl would go, "actually it could've been better if we do it like this or that bla bla bla." dude, if you think on the get-go that you are more superior than others, by all means go ahead. voice it out. no point of saying, "i have pretty much the idea of what we could do about it, but let's see what others would do first." kalau setakat biar 2-3 jam ok la lagi, ni dah semangat prepare segala, baru nak kondem. aiyoo ever heard that time is money? we're not in high schools or univs anymore laa. i wonder if they really have anything on their mind though. i mean, they could've just improvised on whatever's presented and made it as though it was their original idea all along.

another thing. protocols. sometimes i do agree that protocols differentiate the civilized than the rest, but please do away with the ridiculous ones. example: answer the question if and only if you're the one being asked. so if A asks B sth that B might have some trouble answering, and C who's next to B is the expert, shouldn't at least C be given the chance to explain? and even if there's no chance given, is it wrong for C to answer it on behalf of B? or does it have sth to do with the job hierarchy and whatnot? mcm mana A and B nak maju kalau dua2 pun biar je soalan tersebut tidak berjawab / diberikan jawapan yg salah?

maybe i'm too young / immature or too idealistic for stuffs like this. maybe these nonsensical norms are necessary to preserve humanity, public order, peace, whatever. or maybe that's how things are.

if i ever reached the higher part of the hierarchy, i wonder if i would do the same things i don't agree with at the moment. hmm too early to tell.

ok chiow.


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