one of those days

>> April 30, 2011


just finished vacuum cleaning the carpet in my bedroom. tips: find a furless cat as your pet. sphinx (sp?) maybe is the best option. or just consider it as one of the ways to exercise. still boleh ramai rakyat msia yg kegemukan.

err mcm terkena btg hidung sendiri jek hehe.

berpeluh seh, siap ada satu titisan peluh jatuh mendarat kat kepala vacuum cleaner tu. n one more on my glasses. belum campur yg ke carpet itu sendiri. ew. sign of being healthy, i guess? haha perasan.

nak bersiap to kenduri lennie. one of the much awaited weddings among my friends. mesti sume org pun mcm, "finally~". hehe lennie if you're reading this: CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSS!

ok chiow.


a bump in the road

>> April 17, 2011

::Change, like sunshine, can be a friend or a foe, a blessing or a curse, a dawn or a dusk.::

lama x update.

some of the advice i got during one of my outings with my wonderful friends recently:

- on bowling: "main pakai otak."
- on meeting new people: "ko ni suka rushing kan.", "kalau setakat nak isi masa lapang, go on."

haha ceh 3 je. ada lagi, tapi x teringat lak sekarang.

i better stick to routines. routine brings out the best in me... i think.

yes i'm a boring person. i love being boring. haha statement makan diri nih.

ok chiow.


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