it's all about the money

>> December 04, 2008

::It was just a matter of when and how much water was going to be doused on us.::

one of the best amazing race eps ever. x sabar nak tunggu TAR13's finale next monday. sedih gak aa tgk toni n dallas got eliminated just because of a careless mistake. but well, where USD1mill is concerned, one can't afford to do one.

apsal byk underdogs lately? haritu dlm TARA3 pun the HK guys menang (yg pada aku tersgtlah auw auw). yg ni, dandrew dpt masuk top 3 pulak. not to forget, TARA3's ADnFuzzie yg 'ambled' through until before the finale episode. haha org2 yg ni la memberi harapan utk org2 mcm aku. tapi leceh laa, nak kena makan itu ini pulak. kalau part makan2 tu xde, mesti aku dah jadi juara season mana2 tah. heheh. juara dlm mimpi.

err i know this pic is inappropriate to be put here, tapi tabley tahan la tgk one of TARA2's marc&rovilson ini (i think his name is marc, tapi malas nak (go)ogle balik)... pst, yg tgh tu. geoff yg cute itu pun nampak kebudak2an compared to him. mcm gambar dlm iklan pulak. hehe selingan.

ok chiow.


taggin season

>> December 01, 2008

jap.... making sure ainur's entry is still there. xde la org ckp aku perasan heheh.

as i'm typing this, i'm still baffled as to why ainur tagged me. me, the person least likely to be called pamela anderson malaysia, or rozita che wan the 2nd, or aishwarya rai in the making (tgk, part perasan xleh tinggalll), heheh. anyway utk menyedapkan hati (though i think it's the opposite of that, but...) mungkin sume ainur's bffs yg dah tag ainur dulu, so here goes:

1. Snap or just sift through your photo gallery for 3 photos of YOURSELF that you think are sexy. Doesn't necessarily mean you have to be in clothes that is too revealing. It could be a sexy smile, sexy tilt or sexy pose, or whatever
2. Explain why you think the photos are sexy
3. Tag 3 sexy friends of yours

ni gambar masa 2nd aidilfitri kat US. yg ni aku rasa, ehem, sexy sbb this was my 1st time ever wearing a kebaya! kebaya pinjam hehe nak masuk paper punya pasal. tapi x silap x keluar paper kot... just ada online.

yg ni masa tgh explorace last year. haha aku pilih gambar ni sbb su ckp, "wuiyoo... rampingggg" hence the sexiness. haha ilusi optik tu je wey (sbb next pic snapped mmg terserlah ketidakrampingannya... tapi itu x mencapai objektif so xleh letak sini heheh) p/s: kpd behind2 (and front) yg lain, sorry ye tunjuk, sexy gak apa

my alter-ego whose name i don't even know, heheh. err aku pun x tau bila sebenarnya boleh guna 'alter ego' tu. sexy gak apa. sexy CGIs win hands down okay... selama ni aku berangan2 nak ada / main any of the final fantasy series, tapi main morrowind tu aku rasa dah boleh tersembul biji mata, inikan pulak FF series, famously known for their complex storyline n intense gameplay. gerenti kena cuti rehat sebulan dua (gaji jalan) heheh

hmm... i hereby tag you, you and you. embrace your inner sexiness.

ok chiow.


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