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>> December 27, 2010


aku still kagum bagaimana norshahrul berjaya gelecek bola past an opponent who thought the ball was out (haha hentam sajalah), and made the setting for msia's 1st goal. what a morale booster.

and we thought the indonesian walkout would dampen our team's spirit.

go malaysia! you can do it if you try, V.I.C.T.O.R.Y!!!



>> December 22, 2010

::There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love, but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.::

jiwa kacau.

end of the year syndrome i think.

to realize that there are some things that are yet to be achieved. even worse since you never set any targets or have any expectations in the 1st place. heartbreaking, since you just realize that this year is not much different from the last.

or maybe you did do something different this year. it's just that you haven't found out how the outcome will make or break you. and you're waiting in agony. am i doing good? did i do the right thing? how long should i wait?

year is just a number. yet it defines what we are, it dictates what we do, it brings us closer to our end. our Maker.

you better come prepared.

regrets i have a few. if only i could [insert the things you could've done instead of what you did here]

ok chiow.



>> December 10, 2010

::Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.::

daym kirah yg baru berapa minggu duk bangi dah jog kat ttc a couple of times already. me? urm...

first off, i need shoes. i don't remember the last time i bought sport shoes... 6 yrs ago? of course la ada pakai kasut satu kat rumah tu (either mak's or rafiq's) yg selalu aku pakai utk any outdoor activities, tapi kasut tu pun dah terkoyak. kasut penoreh tu ada lagi, but it lacks any appealing factor, plus it doesn't have the shock-absorbing feature that is so important when you're running, the flexibility to make your running experience better, bla bla bla. hehe yea i'm full of excuses.

maybe it's the thought of having to fork out some money to buy a new pair of shoes that's been holding me back. God i'm such a cheapskate.

ada kawan aku dia ckp bila family dia masuk umur 30-an je, metabolism turun mendadak. if that were true for my family genetics as well, that's only 2 years away man. and i'm already looking like i've been married with children. oh tidak!

shoe store, here i come. or not. still rasa berbelah bagi ni nak beli kasut tu. wish me luck.

ok chiow.



>> December 06, 2010

::Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.::

you can't beat the feeling of finding out you're right all along.

haritu keta aku kena masuk bengkel. x sure kenapa, sth to do with dah kena bawak mcm manual bila naik bukit. which is totally fine by me (bergunala jugak skill kereta manual yg belajar masa nak dpt lesen hehe), but not to my family ("x suka la nnt nak amik tiket, takut terundur". "mak kelam-kabut nnt takut kena keta belakang").

so bila gi amik haritu, last2 x tukar pun gearbox, tapi kena tune siket itu enjin (my mechanics lingo is below par, so...). owner bengkel tu siap ckp, "u tau aa, ini keleta aa.. mana boleh bawak slow2... vtec engine kena dari P, N, D terus fhiiiuuu (sambil buat gaya tangan menuju nun jauh ke depan). u kena bawak... lapan puluh pun tak boleh liao." "mau buat mcm mana, apak saya tak bagi bawak laju2, dia kata bahaya. you kena ckp sama dia la hehe." "itu la saya sudah bagitau dia. keleta ini macam bawak slow2.. haii manyak lugi. tengok lagi cepat rosak."

in short, yesss aku boleh bawak laju siket keretaku itu. and aku boleh guna alasan ni bila org sound aku belok x brek dulu (in defense, aku tekan brake okay, cuma x se-slow yg org lain mahukan. tapi aku rasa org lain bawak kat kona lagi laju, apsal aku je yg selalu kena sound?).

erk which reminds me, saman haritu x berbayar lagi. nasib baik ada diskaun haha teruk betul.

ok chiow.


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